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Web Design

Grafting Imagination

Web Designing Training, Web Hosting Services, Serach Engine Optimization
User friendly websites with an attractive & creative User Interface.
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Web Development

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Web Application Development Company In Delhi
We can help to achieve anything on web with the help of open source.
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Search Engine Optimization

Top on Search

Web Hosting Services, Website Hosting Services in Delhi
We can help to achieve anything on web with the help of online marketing.
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Application Development

Keep Handy

Web Application Development Company In Delhi, SEO
We can built custom application for your company like CRM, HRM, PMS etc...
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Octtek where services are provided

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Responsive Design

Website For Various Devices

One of the hottest issues in web developer circles this year is accessibility of websites on various devices other than the standard desktop or laptop screens. With mobile devices, tablets, and similar gadgets gaining ground faster than most can keep up.


  • Media queries and media query listeners
  • A flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizing
  • Flexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS
  • Mobil
  • Mobil
Responsive website design starts with the primary task of incorporating CSS3, media queries, the media rule, and fluid grids that use percentages to create a flexible foundation
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